A note from the Owner:

    Partners N Grime Kleaning is a Proud, Hard Working, Woman Owned and Managed Business. After years of running a small corporation that sub-contracted to the Military, I decided that I needed to be home more and made the move to ease into what I considered should of been a less stressful position at a couple of small businesses. After a couple of years, I found myself working for Horrible Bosses, who claimed they started the business to provide a less stressful environment or a family environment, I found none of these attributes to be true. I honestly couldn't take it any more so I took matters into my own hands and created, Partners N Grime Kleaning, Llc.

    My company provides peace of mind to Customers and Employees alike. I run a regimented but fair business that looks at customer service how it should be interpreted, which is all about the Customers needs and desires. I provide employees an opportunity to grow and eventually to earn a spot in ownership with profit share holdings.

  My company provides high quality work without the High cost others claim makes their services so much more superior.  I grew up so Po we could't afford the second O or the R in Poor. I helped my parents since the age of eight Clean homes and Businesses including lawn care to make ends meet. I know the value of a dollar and the hard work that is behind earning that Dollar. With my company you will always receive the best price and service!

​About Partners N Grime Kleaning

Professional Janitorial & Residential Cleaning Services

   Providing over 20 years of Cleaning Service experience. Partners N Grime Kleaning, is bonded and insured. All employees are continuously trained, regularly drug tested, and background checks are completed.  We take Pride in providing Reliable and Professional Employees.

   Partners N Grime Kleaning, offers a deep clean every clean because, we believe that's how a home or business should be cleaned every time. 

  We love to say YES! to You, and Nay Nay to the Extra Hidden cost many companies add into their pricing making it less affordable and unmanageable for you.

   We make sure you don't lose money or lose the extra hands that help you or your company. Check out our Service Page to see what we say YES! to and Nay Nay too every time. 

   All of our staff love cleaning  and have chosen this as a career. Therefore, every time we are in your home or business we happily TAKE CARE of every detail.

We have Creative and Very Affordable Solutions for each Client.

We are The Perfect Keepers to Keep for your every need!

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